Our Homeowners Insurance

Your lending institution requires you to have homeowners insurance on your property. It protects you financially if your house or property is damaged or destroyed by something under your policy, such as a fire or storm.

The Texas Department of Insurance has a Consumer Bill of Rights for both homeowners and renters to know their rights. Your chosen insurance company will also give you a copy when you begin or renew a policy.

Do I Need Home Insurance in Texas?

You are not required by law to take out homeowners insurance. However, state law requires you do have it if you still owe money, and all lenders will verify your insurance before granting a loan. It is not legally required for those of you who own you own your property outright. However, it is a good idea because it protects both your home and assets from unforeseen damages.

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Types of Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance policies may combine several types of coverage into your policy. Most Texas home insurance covers these six items to a certain degree:

    • Dwelling coverage for the actual structure of the house.
    • Personal property insurance for the contents inside the dwelling.
    • Insurance for other coverage for items like garages, fences, sheds, etc.
    • Loss of use coverage for living expenses if you cannot reside within the dwelling.
    • Personal liability coverage if you or your occupants are injured during the damage.

Primary Home Insurance

Your primary home needs the best coverage. It can be subject to all sorts of damage from severe weather to fires to theft. In fact, many banks and other lending institutions require your primary home to have a certain level of insurance.

However, it can be difficult to understand, much less shop for. This is why an insurance broker can be a calm voice in all of the madness.

Secondary Home Insurance

Do you have a secondary home that is used for vacations, summer, winter, or other? This home also needs certain homeowner’s insurance whether it be a magnificent beach home or a humble fishing lodge. It is essential to not have too little insurance or too much insurance. Our insurance brokerage firm can make sure your secondary home is covered as it needs to be for the best prices in the industry.

Condo Insurance

Condos work differently from traditional single residence homes. The same goes for townhomes, duplexes, and others. Both the HOA and condo owner must have some sort of insurance to protect their assets. However, not all insurance companies offer the same options, prices, etc.

Short Term Rentals and Rental Insurance

Finally, do you have a home of any kind available for rent? These types of properties are great investment opportunities. However, all your profits can be undone with the wrong type of insurance in one disaster. Whether your property is permanently for rent or available for short term rent, you as the landlord are responsible for a bulk of the insurance coverage to protect yourself from everything from a flood to an irresponsible renter. As a result, you may require your renter to get insurance to cover their property, but in general you must cover the dwelling.

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