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Getting sick can be expensive no matter who you are. Even a minor injury or illnesses and injuries can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose, treat, and recover from. A major, ongoing illnesses can cost many times what a minor one does. Health insurance helps you get the care you need from the providers you want while protecting your finances should you get sick or injured.

How Do I Get Health Insurance in Texas?

You can get health insurance a number of ways. Some may scour the internet for hours. Others will ask friends. Others can ask at their place of employment. However, there is only way to get a comprehensive answer that will detail all your options to let you choose the best. Choose a trusted insurance agency or agent. They have done all the research and help you choose a plan for you, your family, and even your business.

Don’t believe us? Visit The Texas Department of Insurance to see the hundreds of options that would take you days to go over.

health insurance in texas

Types of Health Insurance

Whether shopping for yourself, a loved one, or for the workers in your business, you need the best insurance you money can get. An insurance broker is a great way to help you choose everything from premium to deductible to maximum out of pocket cost.

Feel free to use our services in selecting one of the below or other form of health insurance.

HMO Health Insurance

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. It is the most common type of health insurance both for those who get insurance from their employers as well as those who purchase it themselves. In short, an HMO offers a specific network of providers in the form of doctors, hospitals, etc. It covers up to a certain amount when visiting in network. Those who go out of network may end up paying lots more or even all of the bill.

HMOs may be similar, but they are not all the same. It is essential you know if yours covers your doctor and hospital of preference. Not to mention any procedures, medications, or other healthcare services you may need.

EMO Health Insurance

EPO stands for Exclusive Provider Organization. It is a type of managed care health insurance and allows you to get your healthcare exclusively from their providers. It is similar to an HMO in this aspect. However, an EPO may pay for healthcare out of network if it is deemed an emergency.

Like other health insurance, EPOs come with cost rules about how much healthcare you can get. You must stay within these means or it will not pay for your care.

Point of Service Health Insurance

POS health insurance is a type of managed-care plan that provides different benefits depending on whether you use in or out of network providers. A POS combines the features of an HMO and the seldom seen PPO. It is a small share of the insurance market, but it is growing.

Like the others, a POS requires you to use in-network doctors with referrals to use a specialist’s services. It still provides coverage for out of network healthcare. However, you will most likely have to pay more compared to using in-network services.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare can be a complicated thing to understand, as it is run by the government. What each plan covers seems to change year to year, as well as the providers. And it’s made all the harder to understand when you are 65 or older.

We at Charles Osburn can help you choose the best plan that goes above and beyond traditional Medicare, as well as help you understand everything from Part A to G and beyond.

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